Our Ethos

We combine strategic thinking with a results-driven mindset, backed by data to empower companies to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.


We strive to instituionalize gender responsiveness as a cross cutting theme across all our work.

RIZ Consulting is a boutique management consulting, research and training firm established in 1991, headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan, with additional offices in Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates.

We have a strong and proven track record working in the areas of organizational development, third party monitoring services, capacity building, strategic planning, facilitation and communications with a special focus on gender rights.

As an organization, we use modern management theories and tools, combined with practical experiences in our interventions, and data. We also place a strong emphasis on privacy and client confidentiality.

Our presence has grown to international markets, with a diverse client base covering international aid agencies, private philanthropists, multi/bi-lateral organizations, government and the private sector.

30 +

With more than 30 years of experience, we have a strong network of industry linkages

500 +

We employ over 500 certified full-time professionals

100 +

More than 100 successfully implemented projects

our values

Gender, Diversity & Inclusion

We actively seek to create and sustain workplaces that are fair, inclusive and enabling. We have a zero-tolerance policy to harassment.

Making ethical, transparent and well-intentioned decisions, while taking ownership of our decisions.

We realign resources and work flow when necessary, while ensuring project stability.

Everything we do, we do to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Everyone we interact with is treated in a fair and respectful manner.

We challenge the norms, anticipate change and encourage ideas.

our mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for enabling our partners to make lasting impact in the lives of people through innovative solutions, gender responsiveness and leveraging on human capital.

our vision

To be a leading management consulting firm providing transformative change solutions to empower our partners to thrive in an ever evoloving business landscape.

What Makes Us Different?

We consider project sustainanblity, enviromental risk and remain agile in our approach while ensuring results.

We have a faster than average response time in completing project milestones.

We leverage on our provincial networks and linkages to ensure we reach WHO we need to, WHEN we need to.

We provide industry specific, customized solutions according to client needs.

Core team

Imran Rizvi

Founder & Managing Director

Noor Rizvi

Executive Director

Sajjad Akbar

Director Programs & Finance

Hasan Rizvi

Director Operations

Roshan Fida

Technical Advisor/ Team Lead Family Planning

Mansoor Ahmed

Senior Manager Finance

Sara Khan

Communication Lead

Sana Tariq

Senior HR Manager

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  • info@rizconsulting.biz
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